Technology Is The Ultimate Edge Of The 21st Century Essay

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Technology, the Ultimate Staple of the 21st Century
Technology, the most impressive form of communication. Though some fear technology will eventually take the place of human beings, look around and comprehend how it has influenced the world. The millennial generation fonds technology more so than others, but over the past decade more and more generations are beginning to open their eyes to the new era. Likewise, technological devices are thought to cause individuals to be lazy, distant, and aloof. That being said many users find it difficult not being able to use technology on a daily basis. Cell-phones, computers, and TV are constantly used from most people whether it be at school, work, home, or on the streets. Technology distracts young
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Technology has many social media sites online that are ways to connect with others around the world. Internet websites and social media are ways for individuals to express themselves and share personalities online. To demonstrate, writer Zeynep Tufekci writes about the small but positive role social media has in society and says “. . . people are increasingly able to find people based on interests -- rather than interacting in the old manner with people with whom they happen to be in the same geographic proximity. . .” (par. 13). As talked about before, technology has no geographic barriers which makes it easy to communicate with different people. Technology in general but specifically social media have directly increased connectivity in society because people can find friends or significant others at the touch of a button. The internet has many online dating websites to aid in finding the ideal significant other, results are based on personality, age, gender, and interests. The idea that an individual can find friends and possible spouses through the internet is revolutionary. Technology most definitely has increased connectedness with individuals by the fact that one can meet people through a …show more content…
Pew Institute researchers Kristen Purcell and Lee Rainie surveyed adult internet users about technology and communication while at work. There most shocking response was that, “Just 7% of working online adults feel their productivity has dropped because of the internet, email and cell phones, while 46% feel more productive.” (par. 9). Almost half the amount of working American adults felt more productive having the ability to use technology to contact families, friends, and significant others Emailing while on the job clearly is common with working adults, Stefana Broadbent spoke about some of the research she gathered. She found that many people would take a few minutes out of their work schedule to call, email, text a loved one to say goodmorning, goodnight, what’s going on type of conversation (Broadbent). This level of technology has increased connectedness within families due to the popularity and commonality of technology at work. With adults at work it is possible to maintain relationships with children, and loved ones but manage to still staying productive at work. The ability to step aside from the job to make a quick phone call, reflects the larger idea of a productive mode of

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