The Negative Impact Of Technology And The Internet's Impact On Our Society

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There is no doubt that technology and the Internet play a crucial role in our daily lives. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be accessed at the palm of our hands to connect to millions of people all around the world. It has changed the way people, especially adolescents, communicate with one another. For instance, in the article it states that those who used the internet to talk to existing friends increased their well-being and happiness. Online interaction also increased the friendship that one has with their friends from school or from a different part of the world. One of the assumptions that I have found interesting was that those who communicate online were more often to expose themselves to other people, which is …show more content…
For instance, many things that are put on the internet could affect someone 's life. There have been countless cases when teenagers commit suicide, because a classmate put something mean and deceitful online. The Internet could be a dangerous place for adolescents, because in our day and age, they have access to computers and cell phones at a very early age. Cyberbullying affects thousands of people, and sadly, many of them take their own lives. Negative opinions and remarks that are put online, could affect people 's emotions and make them feel hopeless. This exposure could play a negative role in the way adolescents think and view others. Towards the end of the article, it does mention that flaming, or online harassment, is one of the adverse factors of communicating online. There was a lot of research, and hypotheses created on the positive aspects of online communication, however I believe that there should be more done on how the Internet plays a negative role on people 's lives. As technology is improving, and more people are having access to the Internet, more research needs to be done to understand how it could affect society, and moreover how we could prevent tragedies caused by

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