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Social media has also gotten popular with law enforcement. Law enforcement sees social media as a fighting tool in crime. Hendricks (2014) stated that in 2013 about 772 police departments had an active social media account. Social media allows officials to look at suspects or victims information they are sharing to the public such as pictures or videos that could help them solve a case.
Media such as Facebook and Twitter has helped with giving out information quickly for a Amber Alert. “According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, social media has helped to resolve and recover 98.5 percent of AMBER alerts since 2005” (Hendricks, 2015, para. 7). For example, there was Melvin Colon a man who was being charge with murder
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They see posts from their friends that are positive or negative. There is also advertisement to buy items of either clothing or housing or anything else. Then there are pictures and videos that people share that is personal or informing. When the horrible tragedy last week hit us in South Carolina the social media was flooded with responses on what happened and how people were feeling. Today I went to look at what information was shared on my Facebook page by my friends. Just by scrolling down a few post, I had come across more than half of the posts were about the news or criminal justice system. There are articles and videos posted on Facebook about the Confederate Flag and is the south racist? There was a video of the Brevard County Courthouse where a judge told the public defender to handle the matter outside of court. Then there was another video with police officers arresting a man and the person who posted it stated that we as a society need to wake up and look around. I could keep going because of social media our society is sharing any information that they can obtain to give to the public. Our reality is based on what we witness and experience. What lead me to this topic was on the day we had to submit our topic my social media timeline was flooded with news of the pool incident that happen in Texas at the beginning of June. For most people especially the African American community the media has played a big part in the distrust between people and the police. Some may say that the media is showing police officers in a bad light. It also seems that the media has been focusing on stories that involve police officers and citizens because of the high tension that this type of story has on society. In a article called “There’s a huge racial gap in trust of police. Can congress fix it?” it stated that after the shooting of Micheal Brown in Ferguson

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