Police Brutality Neglect

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Police Brutality: Protecting or neglecting? Police officers have always been viewed as peaceful protectors. When a person is in danger or in need of assistance, the first number to dial is 911. However, the police have become more of a threat than a comfort due to their racial profiling, excessive use of firearms and their inability to make rational decisions.
In the past year, American’s have seen many incidents where an officer has shot an unarmed black man for no apparent reason which has prompted the “black lives matter” movement. Hundreds of African American’s have been shot, injured and killed by white officers who are supposed to be there to protect them. “Today, we live in an age where police are perceived as a threat. Long gone
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He was simply waiting for help with his SUV on the side of the road when trouble came about. A call was placed to 911 just moments before reporting a vehicle blocking traffic with a man running away from it claiming it was going to blow up. Officer Shelby happened to arrive first, although she was not responding to the call. Upon arriving she asked Terence if the car was his with no response, and then she asked him to remove his hands from his pocket and he complied also placing his hands in the air. He then walks towards the police cruiser, placing his hands back into his pocket. Crutcher was acting strangely and Officer Shelby was preparing to arrest him because she believed he was under the influence. She then drew her gun and told him to get on his knees, which he ignored and walked towards his vehicle with his hands raised once again. Other officers had arrived on the scene at that point, also a helicopter flying above. They follow Terence to his car, where officer Shelby reports that he was “appearing to move his hands towards the vehicle” when she opens fire, ultimately, taking his life. The officer’s claim that they feared he was reaching for a gun in the car, but the door was shut and windows were up. Terence may still be here today if the officer had not resorted to pulling the …show more content…
All too often, weapons are fired before the situation is assessed. Officers claim that they are fearful for their life when they shoot their gun, while that may be true in most cases it does not fit in

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