The Importance Of Social Media And Organizational Communication

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Interpersonal communication, such a complex word for a seemingly simple task. It is something we do everyday, without even having to think. But, when applying it to business it gets tricky. There are effective ways to communicate and meet the demands of the business world. Though sometimes, it can get jumbled in all the noise. Also how does social media come into play? This begs the question, how do we combat these issues and effectively have interpersonal communication? Communication is part of a bigger social structure. It “ takes place in a context, which means it is impacted by physical location, time, social/ psychological considerations (emotional relationships) and impediments such as language or culture differences” (Regis University, …show more content…
In this case, social media is viewed as using it to receive reviews from people within the business. In today’s world, the workers are viewed as “ambassadors of the company,” therefore influencing the option of the public. This is where a conundrum is presented, do they let this in, or try to control it? The article argues for it, saying that it “ increase the degree of employee cooperation both individually and at team level and encourage the exchange of experience and know-how in real time (Banuta, 2011). Customers thrive off feedback and it can stimulate a companies growth. Although, they must be judged not based on generalizations but the specifications of the company. You must look at several social media platforms and weight the pros and cons, when choosing one. In order for companies to move forward with social media, the company has to be mobile enough to deal with the demands brought on by this type of communication (Badea, 2014).

I had a very difficult time with this paper. Interpersonal communication is a concept that at time I have great difficulty with. I also had trouble applying it to situations in my life as I do not currently have a full-time job. Moreover, while I see the application of communications models to business because the greatly improved open conversation between employees and CEO’s, it failed to show me how social media helped. The articles did make an interesting point about society listening to employees, but when it is used too many problems

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