Social Advertisement Analysis

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To some extent, social advertisement does reinforce the conclusion that “ the language of advertising shapes our perception of the world. People use some shopping network to get what they want, at the sometime, company costumers files and do the research to help them get a better life with their suggestion. Moreover, advertisement dose help us in some ways. It has to say we get more messages from advertisement than our thought in mind. However, for another part of conception advertising originals from the society, the central point of whole inducting is satisfying the need for product selling when our perception of reality we don’t even concerned.
With the development of informatization, people have more and more chances to choose the commodities
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China 's large and small website hundreds, first tell me about our most common to baidu WangMeng.What is baidu WangMeng products, when you just open a web page (inbound web pages, baidu station is called hon media), the lower right corner with baidu sign it may be the result of WangMeng paw print.It show form more than words, of course, there are pictures, video, pop-up window.(jingdong in a short while again below) associate with a 60 m site baidu, also no wonder, where you can see the ads. Small advertisement can "accurate" to track you, but method also more than that.Baidu also can according to your access behavior, to give advertisers more choice.If you search for specific keywords, visited a particular web page, or click on baidu 's search …show more content…
Indeed, there is a lot about big data exaggerated propaganda, but, unfortunately, big data on the society and important tool in the future. In the past, we see a small amount of data and interpretation, try to understand the world, now, we know far more than in the past to know so much more. We found that: when we have a lot of data, we can do some past under the environment of a small amount of data we can 't do. Big data, the data is novel, imagine that big data is the only way of solving the challenge of global: food, health care, and energy supply, electric power, global warming (guarantee we will not become crisps) - depends on effective use of data to solve these

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