The Importance Of Smartphone In The Workplace

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Smart phone is a mobile phone with advanced software function (Pitichat, 2013). It has become one of the most popular and essential communication technology for personal and work use of people’s daily life. This is because it provides very advanced facilities for users such as: internet camera applications, sending e-mail, Bluetooth, playing games, YouTube, and television (Pitichat 2013).There are varieties of smartphones such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android. They are small in size, portable and they are handled device, which has allow people to communicate easily and give the ability to do work on a Smartphone, anywhere and at any time (Derks et al 2014). It has become convenient for majority of people as nowadays people frequently use it …show more content…
Smartphone is more recent advance technology used by many people in workplace. Academic source by Lee (2012) argue the importance of smartphone in the workplace and how the smartphone has far reaching influence in workplace. Smartphone has made employer and employee’s lives easier due to Internet accessibility for communication. Also it has been convenient for them in many positive ways.
Over the past couple of years, the usages of smart phones has rapidly increased. According to the research (Pitichat, 2013), there are more people who want to own smartphone and it is estimated that by 2016 there will be 200 billion employee who will bring smartphone in the work area. In United States the use of smart phone has increased from 18% to 67% between 2011 and 2012. Smartphone has been essential in the workplace as useful for social connection tool that allowed employee to engage with work. This powerful application provided an opportunity for employee and clients to interact with each other effectively. The finding showed that use of smartphone in work is a way for employee to develop work productivity. There are three factors that smartphone can benefit in workplace and they include: promoting autonomy, maintain relationship with co-worker and encouraging knowledge sharing and to work effectively (Pitichat,
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This is because business corporate leaders will get benefits from their employee. Derks and Baker (2015) state that many of the smart phones applications has advance businessmen and has provided benefits for the employer. Certainly, studies have showed that the use of smartphone during after work hours create complications in managing work–home balance due to increase Work-Home Interference. Employee daily checking smartphone, growth of commitment and information overload may experiences low level of job control that can lead to stress and poor health. Therefore, smartphone users strongly indicate the state of burnout comparing with non-users (Derks and Baker

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