The Importance Of Skill Development : Ronald Reagan Stated That Peace Is Not Absence Of Conflict

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1. Destructive conflict
The author stated “any conflict that begins with you always, or you never is likely to have a destructive effect”. Phrases that trigger conflict in a relationship are what’s wrong with you, I’m sorry if…, what are you getting so upset, and I always do everything you never help me out. I’ve been married for 20 years and according to the text book research, women criticize more than men do in marital conflict. However I recognized that these words and phrases are in the center of my relational dialoguing. Through personal observation, at the times of disagreements that led to conflict, unconsciously my words and phrases were toxic. Instead of using toxic or destructive words in my conversations I will replicate through practice constructive complaints.

2. The Importance of skill development
Ronald Reagan stated that peace is not absence of conflict; it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means. I concur with this statement. I along with many other working classmates are making a sacrifice to take this class ultimately to become more efficient in handling conflict. I wear many hats as a leader ranging from father, husband, deacon, coach, Sunday school teacher, and training coordinator which could negatively impact live if I don’t become skillful in handling and recognizing conflict

3. The Attack/Withdraw Pattern
Sunday morning during the Sunday school hour, an elderly man who was visitor visited the class I attended. The teach gave…

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