The Importance Of Sex Education In My Family

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Sex Education
Growing up Sex education was never really spoken about in my family, we had to learn as we go. My parents believed that I shouldn’t be talked about until I became sexually active. There were no birds and the bees or anything like that. In school, I’m sure I did have health class and maybe they did talk about sex and all that, but till this day I can’t remember nor did I really think it was important to me, because at that time I was not in a relationship. I know in high school they would have condoms in the council’s office, if anyone needed it, but I knew for sure I wasn’t one of this kids to put my hand in the box. My parents never spoke about it, and I till this day they don’t know what the “birds and the bees” are about. As
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I believe that it shouldn’t be taught in school because it is a waste of time, i believe that its more meaningful if a parent or guardian or brother and sister speak to a child about it.
Attitude and Behavior about Sex
The attitudes and behaviors about sex in my family didn’t start till I had boyfriend. Once my mom knew about it, that’s when she started talking more about what can happen If I don’t protect myself. Since she didn’t believe that it was the right time to talk about, she knew that once I did become sexually active, that she would be annoying about it. I wasn’t sure if it was normal how much my mother was talking about sex. She always kept asking was I protecting myself, she kept telling me to always schedule my gynecologist appointment to make sure that everything was okay, because she knew that even protection won’t be safe. She always made sure I was well stocked, sometimes overstocked. She kept scaring me and saying that if I tried to have sex without protection how everything can go wrong. She knew how to scare me and i knew it was
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I think about my first ever relationship, I remember it not being the best relationship I ever been in and it was all because it was new to me. I had no idea what needed to be done to achieve a good relationship. The understanding of emotional intimacy was new to me. We couldn’t understand each other, no matter how close we got our personal feelings was always hidden. I felt as if no matter how hard I tried to understand my partner I couldn’t, it was like a hard puzzle that I was trying so hard to put

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