Childhood Promiscuity In Early Childhood

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Teenagers who are sexually promiscuous have more than likely been sexually abused or exposed to sexual endeavor from adults. For centuries youth have been stigmatized for their early childhood sexual behaviors. However, sex is not a child first thought during their growth development process. Promiscuity is when a person has sex with a plethora of people on a casual basis. Some researchers and critics believe that it is just human nature for the sexual nature to rise at a young age, others believe otherwise. The main reason for childhood promiscuity is derived from exposure to childhood sexual abuse. A child having sex is a parent worst fear. Sex at an early age can be damaging to a child future. Researchers have concluded that …show more content…
According to the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault, research indicates that children who have been sexually abused by a relative suffers from even more intense guilt and shame, low self-esteem, depression and self-destructive behavior such as substance abuse, sexual promiscuity and prostitution (Matsakis, 1991). Child Hood Sexual Abuse is when a child has been touch, penetrated, or exposed to sexual videos of images of sexual acts. Sexual abuse is not always penetration, most of the time a child is groomed to commit the sexual acts. The after effects are monstrous, children who have been sexually abused shows symptoms such …show more content…
Sigmund Freud proposed a theory called Psychosexual Stages, this theory states that it is natural for a human body to be open sexual no matter the age. However, the human sexual nature does not determine if a person is going to be promiscuous. On the Contrary, the researches on Child Sexual Abuse have proven itself to be more reliable than the information provided pertaining Freud Psychosexual theory. Child Sexual Abuse affects children minds in a major way. The effects of CSA are extensive and long term. The major effect of Child Sexual Abuse that goes ignore the most is promiscuity. Most people think that Child Sexual Abuse is penetrating, however, most of the time; children are groomed to commit the sexual act. Therefore, promiscuity among children is derived from the acts of Child Sexual Abuse.

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