Shut Down Communication Analysis

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Under what conditions do you shut down communication?

Although, I know it is one of the most important things in both business and personal; communication seems to be something that I struggle with. I tend to catch myself shutting down communication quite often. Mostly when I feel like I am not being valued. There are times where I may shut down communication if I am apprehensive at the outcome of what is being communicated.
What beliefs are causing you to shut down?
My fear of failing, being, inadequate, or not seen can cause me to shut down. I tend to become quite, when I am normally an outspoken person.
How can you be more open in future situations?
For me, I think that I just need to focus more on the listening
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I am usually called the mother hen for my abilities to coach, train, lead by example, build interpersonal relationships, lead with integrity, and mentor. I do have the pleasure of saying that my team will follow without any questions. I treat my team with respect and integrity and I truly want them to do the best that they can, and they know this. I am honest with my team and work at becoming better for them and with them.
What personal beliefs are causing you to hold back
I think the fear of failure is what always holds me back. I want to do great in anything that I do; I want everyone to do well. However, I sometimes become stagnant in the things that do for the team and myself because I fear failure.
How can you be more open and influential?
I think I am a big influence on the team already, I have coaching sessions with them on a weekly basis, I constantly provide feed back both positive and constructive. I have an open door policy; I am patient when teaching/training and I am always willing to do what I am asking of them. I do a lot of side-by-side selling with them and positive role-plays. I encourage them to better themselves in and out of
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First recognize what was done well and then broach any area of opportunity. Don’t overwhelm the employee with too much areas of opportunity at once.

New Practices to Begin:

Time management
The reasons for me not listening authentically at times are usually contributed to time management issues. Which, is usually why I am multi-tasking when speaking to my team. I need to ensure that I am providing my undivided attention
Potential Obstacles:

The communication between the management team is lacking. We are all doing something different and not communicating as well as we should.
Timeline and Measures of Success:

Conduct team meeting for a start stop and finish in regards to holding coaching sessions and one on ones. Being implementing new plan based on the start stop and finish meeting. Ask for employee feedback adjust and tweak plan if needed
Due Date:

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