Sense And Sensibility By Elinor And Marianne Dashwood

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Sense and Sensibility is the show about Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, sisters who separately speak to the “sense” and “sensibility” of the title. To make the show realistic light play vital role. If there is not any changes of lighting, Sense and Sensibility would not have powerful impacts on viewers. To have powerful impacts, we need to know how light function and how we can control the qualities of light.
For the scene one, starting of show with costume dropping it was great to know how light play vital role on display the actors, actresses, costumes and set. Visibility was clear that viewers could see the costumes that actresses and actors were wearing. It also showed how stage look like, even showed the background. Visibility was what made
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This scene was kind of dark to visualize only the actor and actresses not the background. Darkness showed how pain was actress was in and used of modeling also helped to feel the pain. It is easiest to create mood with light and most difficult aspects of stage lighting. Higher levels of lighting created alertness mood about injured of Marianne in this scene. Even viewers were alert and someone was checking if the person next to was right. Brighter intensity made this scene more horrified because it showed too much tragedy that was going on Marianne and her family. It showed how terrified Marianne’s family were in her injured. Direction of light was focused was mainly downstage right to follow the actresses and actor movement. Movement of light was neutral and time duration was not problem because Follow Spot was used to followed their movement. Warmth colors was used to show that it was evening at the dinner time. Texture was rough to show the difficulty was Marianne life was and showed that it was …show more content…
The scene was visible and clear but implies keeping light off parts of the stage that viewer should not be seen. It was only meant to show the actresses and actors with exception of background. Modeling was very creatively used in this scene to create the sense it was engagement or marriage ceremony. To create an atmospheric lighting in this scene, backstage was lighting. Lighting backstage is to light the spaces that do absolutely nothing. Movement was neutral but lights came faster and started focusing the actors and actresses to show only them, instead of showing others thing. This scene was mainly focus and direction of light was front stage center to represent the engagement or marriage place. Cool colors were used in this scene to show how happy actors and actresses were and give message that even in tragedy ending will be always happy. Soft texture of light was used to show how claim actors and actresses were at the

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