The Importance Of Self Care For Nursing School Essay

1209 Words May 19th, 2016 null Page
Importance of Self Care Self- care can be defined as the way a person takes care of his or his physical, emotional and mental health. Each individual has different approach to self-care. I consider healthy living as proper self-care. What one would consider important factor to self-care would not be as important to someone else. Nursing school can be very stressful therefore self-care is important attribute to living healthy whiles I am in school and through my nursing career. The ability to function properly depends on how good I take care of myself. I will be discussing three approaches to self-care how I can implement them, and how relevant it is for society. They are, adequate sleep, food, and personal hygyiene. As a full time student and full time employee I did not value sleeping as such as getting things done on time. Sundays were the only non-schedule day on my calendar. I was either at work or school. I slept for five hours on average including at nights and daytime. I was always complaining of migrant. Over the counter medicines were not taking effect anymore whenever I took them because headache become part of me. Working12 hour night shift I was more concern about safety. Sometimes I do not recognize how I get home in the morning after work. I developed a habit of drinking coffee to enhance my performance. I was forgetting to do things most of the time without putting it as a reminder I do not remember. There was one incidence that prompt me about decrease in…

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