The Importance Of Science And Science In Nursing

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Nursing profession has improved over time in its efforts to provide the best care for individual patients in conjunction with other health care providers. The improvement in technology has been of value to this profession in assisting patient to recover optimally and assume their normal life, the new brand of nurses are more focused on the patient and their recovery process, developing the best care plan and works closely with the physicians in other nursing bring all the factors required for the swift healing and recovery together in the same board. (Finkelman & Kenner, n.d.) Among the roles of the nurse, promotion of health, preventing illness and caring for the ill is the key. The current medical care has come to consider the patient as a whole and nursing care has come to take the ill in an holistic approach based on the patient’s emotions, psychological feelings, social and also spiritual need and hence has become a practice of both science and art. In the following discussion we explain how one learns to care and the influence that has in the practice, emphasis will also be given to …show more content…
Just like any other profession it involves many skills which must be learned, the art of it is the skills on caring and taking patient as a whole, the science part is mastering the scientific principles and being able to intervene and report on patient’s scientific parameters. Nursing as art focuses on the caring approach and involves: nursing as a calling where the nurse feel to care for the sick just like any other talented act of art, involves compassionate acts of caring for someone, nursing is culturally sensitive profession just like most artistic professions and is nonjudgmental (does not discriminate anyone). (Black & Chitty,

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