The Importance Of School Meals During The Lives Of Children Essay

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This paper reviews the importance of school meals in the lives of children. There are many commodities that are put in place to ensure each child in the United States receives nutritious and obtable meals. To emphasize, First Lady Michelle Obama’s health campaign, Let’s Move will be discussed as well as, the Hunger-Free Kids Act will also be conveyed in this essay. In addition, this paper will explore the different resources provided by the No Kid Hungry organization. This paper will center each resource and reveal the effects it has over communities, families, and children. This paper will inform and raise awareness to child hungry and the importance of school meals.

It is well known that food is an important necessity for children to grow and live a long and healthy life. However, the consumption of more healthy foods rather than processed foods in a child 's diet is what equivalates to longevity and a healthy life. In this 21st-century bracket, consuming the proper nutritious food daily in some schools is now a privingle and not a regular accuracy. In particular, areas of high poverty like Baltimore, Maryland, often receive the shorthand of the spectrum regrading to healthy food choices offered to children in this particular school district. Some official and agencies have taken the initiative to stop this growing dilemma. Every child should have the opportunity to have a well nutritious meal provided to them.
Breakfast and lunches are…

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