How To Reduce College Retention

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College retention is a major issue for students, universities and society in general. The problem has existed for years and is still a topic for many to research and understand. It is in the best interest of all three parties to reduce the dropout rate. Factors to be dissected are lack of money, being academically unprepared, and the metamorphic life changes encountered by freshman which are stressful. For those unable to obtain academic or athletic scholarships, government funding such as the Tennessee Promise Scholarship is clearly the answer. Entry students not ready for entry level classes should have a class option to help them remedy this issue versus failing. Aid programs assisting this group financially will help them pay for …show more content…
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I narrowed my target to these issues because they affect me personally. Even if one of the three suggestions affected a student likely to drop out in a small way, it may make a difference. I found facts that supported things I already assumed. It is ok to go back and take a preparation class, take longer to graduate and spend more money on tuition if it is in a manageable format. The alternative is worse but extremely common.
I considered many sources but there were so many approaches on this issue that I found it difficult to sort out the ones I valued most. I tried to have an open mind on different approaches and theories so I could be objective in my analysis. A rough draft was formed then I kept going back to fill in more information and supplement with more opinions. The subject on students who were not academically prepared did not have enough information in the sources I initially considered so I spent more time to found a seventh source with content that appled. Lots of time was spent finding the pluses and negatives on each topic. I tried reasoning on how or if this information would make a difference in my argument. I read it over repeatedly and changed it every time adding and subtracting. APA rules were looked up

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