UC Berkeley Application Essay

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Why did you choose to attend UC Berkeley? *

I chose to attend UC Berkeley because it was my dream school. I had grown up around UC Berkeley my entire life and did not consider it seriously until I took a class there and considered computer science to be my major. UC Berkeley is one of the top schools in the country for computer science and the diversity of Berkeley is one of a kind. When I took a class there in the summer and I felt like a Berkeley student and it felt right.

Please finish this sentence. "My Alumni Scholarship allows me to..."

... reach my academic potential, have the freedom to focus on my studies and seek extra support to succeed.

What would you say to thank a donor for supporting your CAA Scholarship? *

was very happy
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Throughout my years here at CAL and through the many leadership positions that I have held, I have discovered that a great leader is someone who is able to lead but also helps build leaders who will carry on the work. As a Spring Break Outreach coordinator for the Raza Recruitment and Retention Center, I was able to successfully lead a team that outreached to more than 800 middle school and high school students from low-income neighborhoods using my leadership philosophy. This past spring break, I had the opportunity to be a co-outreach for the Santa Ana outreach team. As co-outreach, I was responsible for calling schools in the area to schedule college presentations, creating college presentations catered to the specific needs of the students, and train current CAL students to give these presentations. This type of work is so essential to our community’s survival; as a result, I made it a goal of mine to make sure I shared my knowledge on how to successfully outreach to disadvantaged students. During the entire preparation process, I held training days to equip students with the tools needed to continue the work of increasing the numbers of Latino/a students in higher …show more content…
Through my time in high school, I have pursued a variety of opportunities focusing on helping others and creating initiatives for STEM education. I founded and taught a Girls Who Code club. I also co-founded and organized the first high school hackathon in Oakland CA! I lead the Computer Science education week at my high school working with the administration as well as Code.org and Salesforce to coordinate school wide Hour of Code workshops and inspiring industry speakers, we even had a visit by White House staff. In my community I have worked with a local non-profit to revamp their website and make it accessible for the staff to edit. I have interned at UCSF working on motion capture research and at a local start-up incubator working with a team from Panama to develop their tutoring platform. In the future, I want to pursue computer science to use technology to address social justice issues and to create more educational initiatives to help engage and empower the community that I come

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