Pros And Cons Of Total Quality Management

The employees that the participants referred to all seem to have one trait in common, lack of good work ethic. So as not to completely place blame on the employees, however, the management may also be responsible for the lack of enthusiasm and performance being displayed. The employees possibly feel they have no reason to show up for work or have found reason enough to leave the job. Clearly, a good majority don 't respect their jobs or managers. The first question management must ask is, why is this? Possibly, they do not feel respect from the management. Main reasons employees usually leave their job or get fired are because they are bored or complacent. Other times, it’s because they are not getting enough praise or perhaps instead of training the employees better, they get disciplined too many times for mistakes. These are just a few reasons morale will most certainly decrease in an organization. Management has a responsibility to figure out what the problem is and …show more content…
First thing that should be reviewed is the current structure of business. If there is not already a cohesive style of management going on one should be implemented. There are many styles of management depending on the types of business and pros and cons of each.
For a large or growing company one may choose Total Quality Management for example. With this style there is a focus on quality, productivity, and decreasing costs at the same time. (Journal of Business Ethics) To look at this in perspective, a company that focuses on quality while keeping costs low is able to have a strong business and decent growth. In that regard, a business with positive growth can pay good workers and gain the desired productivity to keep the business growing. Employees are going to be happy to receive a decent paycheck and will also feel stable in a company that is doing well

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