Perfect Pottery Case Study

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Perfect Pottery is the indicator for high-end quality Giftware. It was founded many years back, about 200 years ago. It has remained in the UK and it is looking forward to staying there, it employs many people almost about 1,600 majority of them work on the factory floor creating many products that eventually sell in the department stores. You can find most of their products at Debenhams and House of Fraser. Once they hired an HR director, that person thought that in the past perfect pottery wasn’t doing so well, so she decided to fix some of the issues. Many people can say perfect pottery has improved, but others can say otherwise, they have changed in many ways which can have an advantage but also a disadvantage.
There are many problems
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That manager can be as bossy as they want, without getting in trouble with anyone. It doesn’t affect the employer as much since there the ones that can do mostly whatever they want, but it can affect them partially. If they want people to work for them and have a business that is still running then they do need to start having a better attitude without being as bossy. To fix this they need to find a better way of management, something that includes more than one manager. There are many different leadership styles but going with democratic would be one of the best it deals with people sharing job responsibilities. It also has people collaborate their opinion with other, it helps out the decision making process. Many people have different opinions so it would most likely help out everyone dealing with the company. Democratic will make it easier for the employer and …show more content…
It can help them since it will make their job easier, get things done a lot faster. It can also cause problems since it will be harder to agree on things with many more people making the decision. It also impacts the employee since they won’t have to deal with one of the managers they don’t like since there will be many others that they can talk to. Poor morale is the next main problem that perfect pottery is dealing with. It is a problem because you can’t have bad attitude if you want a good job. Also if you want to make friends with your colleagues then you should have a better attitude. This is a problem since you can easily get fired from not having a better attitude. It can keep people from getting good jobs and also not being able to get hired. Both the employee and employer are being impacted in a couple of ways. The problem employees would face with having poor morale is it would be hard for them to get a job and easy for them to get fired. It’s just not a good idea to have bad attitude at work, it doesn’t help anything in the business. It’s okay if employers are mean sometimes to their employees to let them know that they need to start doing a better job. Employers would need to start getting on their employees so that way they know that they’ve been rude to the rest of their

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