Reflective Essay: Progressing From High School To College

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Progressing from high school to college has been and was a large and critical step for my personal growth. The transition has included numerous valleys but also high points; both types of experiences have brought about much wisdom and training. Though different from what I was comfortable in, my first semester, so far in college has introduced me to many incidents that have changed me.

Since starting classes in August, I have been able to enforce and learn true time management. Early into the semester I realized daily how many tasks I truly needed to finish in such short amounts of time. Schedules in college are odd in the fact that a great deal of your time is allotted in hour breaks between classes. I feel adjusting to this has been one of my most important alterations because at the end of the day I do not have much focus; therefore, I
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Looking at these reasons as my observable reality and evaluating leading up to my actions have made me place more importance on any time I receive and forces me to choose what I do within this time wisely. I have also begun to value the path it takes to get an education. College is not easy; it takes much persistence and purpose. I can now take appreciation in what a college degree entails. From reflecting on my past two months in college, I am going to begin taking the time to study more to learn more. I want the education I receive …show more content…
I believed in high school that I was a self-disciplined and hardworking person, but college has taken these attributes within myself and made them a challenge to obtain. I have gotten to participate in several new experiences and, now, reflect on what they have done for me. College has changed me into a more diverse and seasoned person who is better prepared for the future than two months

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