Reflective Essay On Professional Development

The agenda from my professional development session is learner-centered because it is developed based on the needs of our SIP and survey results. Our campus is working on engagement and motivation of students to help raise our attendance rates. During my professional development we will work on getting the students more engaged and motivated during class. As a campus, we have to make sure we are researching all the ways we can help benefit our student achievement levels. We also have to make sure we are setting up our novice teachers for success and developing our veterans. This agenda also works on getting parents more involved in school activities. The best way to do that is plan events and training for parents to help keep them active in their child’s education. “Parent involvement in …show more content…
I was successful in doing this because all of these strategies have the incorporation of learning communities, reinforcing the student’s efforts, and learner-centered strategies. This professional development was based on the needs of our staff and students. These goals are a direct correlation of the survey results and the schools SIP. These strategies I needed to incorporate were natural because the fit into the needs of our staff and helped in the collaboration of the new and veteran teachers. These strategies also help align with the needs of motivating our students and getting our parents involved in our educational process. The staff will be given the opportunity take on the leadership role during this professional development and help research strategies to achieve our goals. This strategy allows us to share the responsibility of the leadership position and takes some of the stress off of our

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