The Importance Of Presentation : Importance Of Presentation Essay

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The Importance of Presentation Essentials

Before I started this class I honestly did not think I would learn anything from it, but I was wrong. I was able to learn about the importance of presentation skills, I gained more knowledge within myself, and I learned how to present myself to others. Those are three great qualities to learn before becoming a businesswoman. I have learned it is really important to know how to give a good presentation because this skill will benefit me greatly in my future classes. One of the interesting lessons I learned was, “When writing an outline for a presentation there are four main objectives when writing an effective introduction: gain attention, you must reveal a topic, establish credibility, and preview the body”. (AIU, intellipath,”Outlining”). Just think about this, when you are at work and you are discussing an issue with your employer or employee’s or even if you’re trying to open a business and talking to investors at the bank, it is just like giving a presentation at school by using the rhetorical triangle. Even if it is one person or 10 people, you will still be in the same situation as being the speaker and they are the listeners. You can also take that knowledge and use it in your career because, “when you are interviewing for a job your body language is just important as your verbal communication”. (AIU, intellipath,”Presentation Situations”). That is one of the main things a future employer looks at when deciding if you…

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