Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation Essay

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Although physical medicine and rehabilitation requires many years of experience and a commitment to the field, it can be a very rewarding career path for anyone who enjoys helping others. The education required to obtain a degree in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation begins with four years of college. In these four years, several premedical college courses are required (McAlpine 17). The cost of college varies, but the national average is $10,000 per year. After completing college, training at a medical school is necessary (Reeves, Lindsey, and Karlitz 110). To gain entry into a medical school, one must pass the Medical College Admissions Test, also known as the MCAT (Zaslove 127). As well as passing the MCAT, a student must gain experience through volunteering or job shadowing. In medical school, students are trained and prepared for the events that may occur in the future career (Heller 18). The tuition varies for medical school, but the average cost is $31,000 per year. After medical school, a residency is essential in order to further medical training. During residency, students also receive a salary for working. Both intensive schooling and training is imperative to complete the medical career, but the rewards it will provide make it well worth …show more content…
Seeing someone succeed in diminishing his or her illness is above all the most fulfilling thing one can do. Throughout medical school, doctors build support systems with fellow medical staff. Doctors learn to rely on one another and trust that fellow doctors will also comply with any orders that may be given (Zaslove 28). Without building a relationship with the people doctor’s work around, the job of being a physician is not being properly executed. Physical medicine and rehabilitation is an emotionally satisfying career that many gain numerous experiences that can be applied in almost every aspect of

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