The Importance Of Phd Research

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Dr. Allen,
I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! I know one of the topics we will discuss tomorrow is my research topic and datasets. To make sure all the important points are covered during our meeting I wrote them down for you. I would like to talk with you about the current state of my research. I hope that I can have your support to move forward and deepen the current study. Here are some of my reasons:

1. The reason that I pursuing my Ph.D study is that I am greatly interested in Education, and want to find solutions to build a better educational system. I see this as my life calling. After several years of studying and digging into my topic I found a fundamental issue. The fundamental issue is that teachers
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Think study fills the blank. I think with a little more work, this portion of study can be published. The second contribution is that no study so far has made the connection between state political culture and teacher autonomy. The literature I have fund discusses how the school and school district characteristics impact teachers. However, no research has studied the impact of political culture on the schools and its impact on teacher autonomy. This study makes an important contribution to this fundamental …show more content…
The last reason is my unique life situation. I am standing in a difficult time spot right now. As an international student without any family support and turning 40 soon. It is crucial for me to finish the study on time and find a job. Career wise, it would be greatly helpful if I can complete this degree as soon as possible. I think the current study can be separated in two papers if the committee members like this idea. Second, if I graduate next summer, I can start to work next fall. However, if it is delayed, I possibly won’t able to start to work until fall 2018. As to my personal life, time is even more crucial, given my desire to build a career and start a family.

Above are the reasons that I wish to move forward the current study. If I change topics, everything could be delayed since it will take time to find a new topic and redo the literature review. In addition, the new topic maybe not as valuable as the current one. Moreover, it might create more work for you if I have to give additional guidance by having to change topics.

Thanks for reading this long email, Dr. Allen! I greatly appreciate your help. I know that I would not have been able to get this far without your

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