Personal Narrative: Growing Up And Marriage

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Growing up I’ve been very fortunate to have a close family bond with my parents and siblings. I have my two parents who emigrated here from Mexico at a young age in the 1990s’ and younger sister who just turned fifteen. I have lived in the valley of San Fernando all my life in a small town called Van Nuys. In the valley there many diverse cultures but the one I have mainly seen all my life is Latin. I went to school where majority of the student population was Hispanic and small percentages of other ethnic groups. Although I have been raised in a Mexican household, I’ve come to learn that people from different regions are similar to one another. I was raised in the Roman Catholic religion and up to this day I still practice it. Growing up and …show more content…
Marriage is two people that genuinely love each other and want something that is forever. The purpose to matrimony is so you can share the rest of your life with that person and grow and make each other stronger and wiser. I do want to get married and I hope to do so with my current boyfriend in the future. I want to get married so I can share the rest of my life with him. Being married would mean to be able to go out and explore with someone who understands you and someone you can create memories with. Lastly, create a family of our own. In order to do that though, there must be a good foundation. A good marriage composes of a lot of things like: respect, loyalty, space and equality. Spouses should respect each other’s opinions and wishes although they may not see eye to eye. They should be loyal to one another because a marriage is two people and by letting temptation come in between is a sign of disrespect. The opportunity to work, pay bills and o chores around the house should be equal. We live in a modern society where women can be treated equally and not thought less of. Although marriage is a lifetime commitment, people still need space for themselves so they won’t have the urge to cut each other’s throats all the time. What makes a not-so-good marriage is lack of respect, communication, and equality. When there is no respect for each other, like each other’s privacy, property, then comes the lack of communication. When there is no communication in any type of relationship there is a lot of things that do not get done and soon enough someone is doing more work than the other. I believe that if you’re in a serious relationship and would want to take the next step it would be acceptable to move in to start to figure out how to live together. But if you’re in a relationship and just going with the flow and not sure about the

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