Definition Of Marriage Essay

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Marriage itself can be defined as the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman as partners in a relationship. But a long lasting marriage is built by two people who believe in and live by the solemn promise they made to each other. They create an emotional relation that is flavored with love, care, romance, and little things. In order to do marriage as long and successful, it takes a lot investment, compromise, patience, shared child care, unselfish gift of love and much, much more.

From an old lady’s point of view, who spent 70 successful years of marriage filled with love and joy with her husband, until he passed out. She advised young adults who are planning to marry and build a family that is safe and full of love
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Always praise each other
If your wife has prepared a delicious Saturday night dinner for just the two of you. Why don’t you praise her with a kiss or an outing to watch a movie together for the effort that she has done? Your husband went shopping and helped you clean the dishes. Praise him as this will mean a lot to him and it will brighten up his day.
Don’t conserve the beautiful words for your partner especially, when he wants to surprise you with a gift or to something for you. Try answering him back with a nice and warm compliment that would make him love you more and more each day. Always treat your husband as an honored guest in your home. As in, in other words always show him the best of your behavior. On the other hand, always accept a nice compliment from your husband about your dress, hairstyle, or anything that you have done to change a little bit in your physical appearance. “A good marriage is made up of thousands of small kindnesses.”

4. Celebrate wife smiling
Always show your husband the excitement you receive when you see him getting back from work and stepping into the house. Welcome him with a big hug. Also a gentle kiss and a delicious meal served for dinner will push away all stress and load that he has passed through during the
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A study that has been carried out, analyzed that a healthy marriage requires daily doses of both generosity and kindness- not only on special occasions like in front of people. But these two aspects should be even done privately between you two. So try to be gentle in situations where you are inclined to be angry. Try to avoid getting upset and angry suddenly as this makes you lose your temper and ruins your mood. And always concentrate on the positive actions of your spouse. By doing these, you and your spouse might become successful in becoming marriage masters, and having a long, lasting, loving

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