The Importance Of Performance Management In Health Care

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performance management ought to be a continuous procedure, and the yearly audit is one and only segment of that procedure and it should be completed on the regular schedule. However, despite growing interest around the topic, it is still poorly understood how managers from clinical background affect the performance outcome( F and G, 2009). Also execution evaluation from imparts both the administrators and the associations duty to the representative, and their desires for development. It likewise gives the representative clear setting for their learning. The execution evaluation meeting is additionally a brilliant chance to set up the worker for progression inside the association. The second thing is association ought to actualize pay for execution …show more content…
While implementing these approach some type of obstacles happen and also the health care organization should solve that problems. For example, in these organization while applying the team work approach so that time the team leader should be strong. If the leader is weak so they can not able to give the right direction to their team and employee also not able to do work their very properly. To overcome these problem choice of leader is very much important. Those who have leadership they should be strong and they should have all the qualities regarding leadership. Also good experience in these field and their main focus always try to solve the problems of organization. Second thing the personal conflict between employees. Sometime in the organization between two people they make a fight and that time leader have to take some actions. Also in the proper way leader should deal with them and try to solve their problems. In these situation leader should give the guidance to their employee that fighting is not any solution of any problem. Every employee should cooperate in their work and give effort to make their organization better. Contract staff also give the equal importance in the organization. Contract employee work in the specific period of time in the specific way. For contract employee difficult to make them self regular pay. So in these case they should also give the proper training. On behalf of these each and every employee should understand their responsibility and according to that give their participation in work. Only one leader all time not able to solve all the problems of the employee. So individual focus on themselves not on the team. Sometimes lack of reward and appreciation to the employee cause the problem. Employee need the proper reward and appreciation from the leader so they can do their work very effectively. Employer should appreciate and

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