Performance Evaluation Research Paper

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At times for some management, performance evaluations are a complicated task that they dread completing. There are multiple reasons why managers do not like to assess their employees. Although, performance evaluations are not normally a task that some managers look forward to completing, they are necessary in every organization. Employees have a right to know how their work is progressing in the eyes of management, whether their career progression is positive or negative within their respective organization. There is a right and wrong way to get through the evaluation process that can be difficult for both management and employees but when the right steps are taken it makes the process efficient.
Research shows that performance evaluations
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It is the responsibility of the manager to understand the companies mission and how each employee plays a valuable role. One of the first things a manager should do is speak with each employee and discuss company mission, objectives and goals. Once the employee understands the organization and its policies, this will help them focus on organizations intentions and how they play a role. Managers will also need to elaborate on how they can be successful in the organization. For example, it may be creating 150 wheel chairs a day on a product line or ensuring that customers are satisfied on the show room …show more content…
Both parties will understand how each operate and will hopefully operate on what is best for the organization. Employees want to know that their manager does not only care about work but them as a person, which will help to create a trust (Motive-action - every manager 's guide for motivating employees for action, 2013). Most employees want to receive a good evaluations and need affirmation that they are in good standing with their company. Therefore, employees should be involved as much as they can with their personal

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