Define Performance Assessment Essay

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Question 1
1.0 Define performances assessment
What are performance assessments? According to Scott King-Owen (2007) performance assessments imply that students are doing a complex task. The focus of a performance assessment is to see how well a student can apply his or her knowledge of content by using the skills that he or she has learned.

Performance assessment is said by its advocators to be more in line with instruction than multiple-choice tests. With an emphasis on a closer similarity between observed performance and the actual criterion situations, it can also in a positive way guide instruction and student learning and promote desirable student attitudes. Furthermore, it is viewed as having better possibilities to measure complex skills and communication, which are considered important competencies and disciplinary knowledge needed in today’s society. (Palm, 2008)

Dauglas G. Wren, Ed. D (2009) stated performance assessment is used to evaluate
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Performance assessments are more closely aligned with real world skills that students will need, such as public speaking. For example the government introduced the School Based Assessment (PBS) to primary schools nationwide in 2011 to evaluate student's learning ability based on 60% of public examination and 40% of PBS starting from 2016. Teachers will teach using the national curriculum that is developed based on a theme, topic or skills for subjects that students must master, after which they will assess the students’ learning development based on their own observations and evaluations with reference to the guide. Teacher can assess student based on quiz, oral exam, written exam, group presentation and

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