The Importance Of Owning Your Own Business

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I have a great deal of admiration for my grandfather having a successful and reputable business for twenty-seven years before his retirement. Due to his success in owning his own business he is a person that not only I can learn from, but many others can as well. Each day can bring its own obstacles when owning your own business. You will find my grandfather’s advise on how to maneuver through or around the obstacles without giving up to create a successful business. As you read further on that his advice is wise not only in business, but also in his personal life as many business owners have to balance both. My grandfather’s advice of the best way to achieve long-term success in owning your own business is that you always have to start with honesty, integrity, and commitment, and the ability to complete a job accurately and meeting deadlines that were promised. As he has said you have to be able to keep your cool and be very competent in the work that you are doing in order to achieve a successful business. Our …show more content…
One of the sacrifices that he had to make was spending quantity time with his family. He tried making up for this by always making sure he spent quality time with them when the opportunities were available. He began to manage his small business in different ways as it continued to grow. One of which he built a home office so he could at least do paperwork, make phone calls, and draw up blueprints from home, so this allowed him to be home additional hours which was nice for his wife and children. “Some entrepreneurs who start a new business have difficulty deciding how to manage the organization as it grows.” (170). Growth for a small business can be a wonderful thing, but one must make sure they are able to manage the growth without sacrificing their personal

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