The Importance Of Organizational Behavior

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The Culture
Organizational behaviors are a result of organizations` structure and culture (Robbin and Judge, 2013). Different management approaches are appropriate for different contexts. An organization functions well when there are cohesive relationships among its members. Collaborative work and collective responsibility are part of the values of the organization that have a chance of performing well. Organizations achieve effective results through modeling, organizational culture to fit in its objectives. The cultural orientation of individuals in an organization and the collective culture has a huge bearing on the nature of organizational performance. Organizational culture determines how and why people act in an organization, and
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Discontentment may be caused by inadequate support from the administration. This is in the form of poor equipment and incompetent supervision. It is difficult to work without motivation. Furthermore, organizational leaders have a difficult time leading individuals with people who lack motivation. Lack of feedback from subordinates is a factor that could be an indicator of negative perceptions towards organizational leaders and towards work in general. The behaviors of organizational leaders affect the perceptions of members of the …show more content…
Organizational tools for enhancing performance are generally tools that motivate individual members to increase their input in the organization. Leadership in organizations involves the manipulation of emotions which requires emotional intelligence. The ability to identify and effectively control one’s emotions and those of others is what emotional intelligence is about. The influence of this on the organizational behavior in this case is positive because it reduces the chances of conflict and maximizes productivity (Abiodun, 2010). Understanding of the specific abilities of individuals takes place in the course of identifying and controlling

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