The Importance Of Opinion

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A belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something : what someone thinks about a particular thing (Merriam Webster). This is a formal definition of opinion. Opinions can change as quickly as a drop of a pin, it’s a very fragile view of how you see something. One experience can completely flip an opinion into something else. This is what happened to me during my brief but impactful experience with Bradley Krug. In this essay I will be addressing the main difference in opinions as well as the similar ways of thinking I had while viewing Bradley Krug back when I met him in eighth grade to the amazing person I know today. The first time I have ever seen Brad was at the end of my seventh grade year and it wasn’t exactly the perfect meeting. …show more content…
Brad is a very charming and wonderful individual. There’s a certain light to his personality, it’s just full of life. The aura he has and the cheerfulness he puts out sends positive vibes to everyone. People just like to be around happy people. He is very kind and considerate to all people and he is the most compassionate friend. For example whenever a friend of mine has anxiety breakdowns he is always right there, helping her through it. Being helpful and supportive is a huge part of his character Although there are many differences in the way I see him today there are also many similarities in my opinions of him. I didn 't only think negatively about him back then and as much as I hated to admit it I did have some favorable opinions about him. While in eighth grade choir I was around Brad everyday. This was the first class I have ever had with him. He was a new member but he fit in very nicely. Being, of course, well liked by all of the students and the teacher as well. He quickly excelled and became one of the best singers we had, being considerably helpful to our bass section. Admitting that he was talented wasn’t something I was too adamant on doing but it was a fact that couldn’t be …show more content…
Brad is an amazing and intelligent student. While we were in middle school he was enrolled in all advanced courses and he put the work and dedication into them to maintain a high grade point average. It was very odd if he missed an assignment. Even in choir he was often one of the first people to finish the assignments given to him.
Being able to maintain grades while still being in a variety of activities and clubs, these are the things that prove his intelligence to me today. The amount of things he juggles is uncanny and it’s amazing that he can balance it all while still receiving good grades. He has a goal of being inducted into National Honors Society and I do believe he will reach that goal. He is in the Upward Bound club which helps him maintain his grades and motivates him to do better. Time management is a strong suit of his and it’s very fascinating watching him use it in his school

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