The Importance Of One-To-One Marketing Strategy

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Who doesn’t like to feel special? There is no greater feeling than when someone takes interest in you, and it is no different than when you feel like your favorite store has taken notice of you spending time and money with them. Sometimes they will send you a thank-you email or post card and maybe even attach a limited time use coupon to welcome you back soon. We must realize that none of this is by mistake, it is all by design, and we can thank Don Peppers and Martha Rogers for laying out the clever One-to-One Marketing strategy. Companies are realizing that mass marketing is fine to get word out about their product at first, but once you have a customer the question then becomes how do we keep them? Step one involves using short term …show more content…
While this may sound offensive at first, it is important to offer the best offers to your most loyal customers. There are some stores that the more times you shop there, and provide your email address, the better coupons you will receive. This is a great idea, because now they feel they are getting something for nothing, but in all actuality they will more than likely buy something they didn’t plan on because they feel guilty not making a purchase. For the customers that are shopping at your competitors, sending them an email or mailer by post outlining why you beat the competitor in deals and service (in addition to a money saving coupon) may attract them to your …show more content…
Once you have collected as much information as you can on your customers buying habits, you can customize for their needs. An example of this is, if you notice that someone buys a considerable amount online, but has the packages mailed to family and friends (implying these are gifts), then offering them free shipping on anything, or free gift wrapping will appeal to them. If you notice you a certain customer has not been shopping in your stores lately, send them a “We Miss You” email, along with a coupon for their next visit. This step also has a major emphasis on making the customer feel special, so it is important that this is handled carefully so that you do not lose a customer for good. Creating a unique buying experience, mixed with excellent customer service is what makes the One-To-One approach so appealing. In a day where everyone is so detached by swiping their phones all day, or clicking keys on a keyboard, it is nice to open that occasional email that is tailored just for your needs. It is the personal touch that means everything to the

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