Soy Cream Case Study

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Why do desserts have to taste so good, but also have to be damaging to our health? The question may have haunted you at some point in your life, or maybe it is currently a problem. People want to eat healthy, but desserts are just so darn tasty. For the ladies reading this, a night spent eating a tub of ice cream over a recent breakup—just got easier. What if there was a way that made eating a delicious frozen treat and eliminating the major health concerns associated possible? Luckily, there is. Introducing Soy Cream, the latest product in the frozen treats category. Soy Cream is made from completely organic products, with no fats, dairy products, or other unwanted or harmful add-ons. Soy Cream hopes to revolutionize the way society enjoys frozen treats. Our marketing approach is not just on our own organization, but rather on our customers. We function as a societal orientated company, which means we stand to create a satisfaction from our customers first. This will only happen by first putting our customer’s and society’s wants and needs first. We believe we are doing this by providing you with a delicious …show more content…
One key competitor sticks out in the organic, soy ice cream industries; the company is So Delicious. So Delicious is also an organic based company specializing in many different products. Their focus is use provide products that normally need dairy in order to make, and substituting soy milk instead. Our plans to gain superiority over our competitor is to establish ourselves dominant in just the frozen soy ice cream industry, with only emphasis in it. After establishing ourselves in the industry, we hope to grow by establishing a loyal customer base. We look to do this by rewarding our customers for positive feedback, and for helping the spread of awareness of our product. We look to reward our customers through exclusive discounts, memberships in the company, and

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