Essay On Mission Journey

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I grew up going to church with my parents. My earliest memories are from hanging around the church in Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. Growing up, I would hear about this Jesus guy and I would ask questions about him. Hearing about the resurrection was amazing to me and I found it very interesting that he would die for the bad things I did. It was during a Vacation Bible School that I realized that I needed a savior to forgive me of my sins and the only way I could see this happening was by asking God to forgive me and believe in him and his son, Jesus. I was 6 years old when I made this decision and was baptized soon after. I understood that Jesus had died for my sins but nothing in my life really changed. Of course, I was young, so I …show more content…
I have been on several mission trips and have served locally through organizes such as Buckner, OurCalling, and others. I am only to talk about the ones with the biggest impact on my walk. The first one a week of serving in my town, which was also my first week mission trip. I went around with a couple of the adults and we cut down trees, mowed lawns, just did what even needed done. Although I was hot a sweaty after each day, it still felt good to help people who needed it. This lead me to the realization that this is how I can serve, by doing the thing that people either could not do, or what they did not want to do. I do not like it either but hopefully through my service they see Jesus in me and will want to do the same. The next mission trip that had the biggest impact was my trip to prison. It was this past February and the scariest experience in my life. Robert held up to his promise and we went into the unit with a group called Diciples4Christ. I was terrified. If you want to do prison ministry you have to sit in a orientation that explains the dos and don’ts. I was fine until they got to the point about hostage situations. But I got through it and into prison. One of the first people I met was completely bald and had tattoos all over his face and skull. We asked him what he and his buddy were up to and they told us they were about to go into solitary confinement and share the gospel with the inmates there. It was awesome, probably the scariest guy I’ve seen in my life and he is about to go share some Jesus with the people. Later in the day we had a service and after the preacher was finished, they had a invitation and the volunteers came up to pray with anyone who wanted it. I prayed with 4 or 5 guys, but the crazy part was that 2 or 3 of them prayed for me too! This just blew my mind and I realized that even the people that have messed up the worse in the world can still find

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