The Importance Of My Little Country Side

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My Little Country Side
My special place is in Ravia, Oklahoma, it is a small abandon chicken farm in the middle of no where. It is my special place because I went there as a child, its secluded from other people, its absolutely breath taking at sun down, and I think other people should get to see the beauty of the country side.
As a child I went down to this chicken farm in Ravia, Oklahoma, to ride my four-wheeler with my step father Ernest Gilbert and my little sister Ashley Gilbert. We would go just to ride and enjoy the weather. I remember a time we tried to go up the biggest hill that was out there. Needless to say we wound up making a trip to the hospital that day with some bumps and bruises. We would also go a day after it rained so that we could get in the mud and ride the four wheelers in it. It was so fun out there mud wrestling with my sister and our friends. We would always go home absolutely, head to toe
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We would stay out there all day and then wait till it was time. Watch the sky turn colors from blue to pink, orange, red, and purple just mixed together almost like the Northern lights. I remember this one time in particular it was just me, you knew it was about to be sun down you could hear the wind rustling through the trees. I could hear the birds still slightly singing to one another then the sky just stated fading from blue to having swirls of pink and light shades of purple. I was almost so taken back by the beauty I almost did not see the sun going down over the valley side. The sun sat on the valley for just a few seconds like it was waiting on me to look and as I did it began going down into a pile of nothing ness. I sat there and watched the sky go from all the vibrant colors to dark and ere with no stars. I heard the owls in the trees and what sounded like coyotes howling which meant it was time for me to go

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