The Importance Of My Life

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I have been beyond lucky to have a comfortable life. More than comfortable actually, I have been able to do and experience things most adults have not done. I have traveled to Japan, England, Scotland, been on four cruises to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, St. John/ St. Thomas, Tortola, Nassau, and the list goes on and on. I have owned a horse, taken riding lessons, dance lessons, I ski every year, my car was a gift to me, and I don’t really have bills I have to pay myself. Although from the outside my life has been more than perfect, I have had some really hard times. Nothing in my life is just handed to me. I have learned how to work for what I want, and that life is tough but, so am I.

My parents both always wanted children, one girl and one boy. After a few years they found out my mom was pregnant with twins. One girl and one boy. My parents were overjoyed with the news of two new members of the family. On July 28,1998 my brother and I were welcomed into the world, almost two months early. I spent almost a month in the hospital fighting for my life. My lungs were underdeveloped, my heart was weak, and I was jaundice. My parent never left my brother and my side, they were there every day watching over me, fighting alongside my brother and I till we could go home.

My dad was in an accident when he was
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Everything my mom did to provide for my brother and I amazes me everyday. Every morning she would be up by 5:00, to get herself, my brother and me dressed, feed, and out the door by 6:30. She would have us at daycare by 7:00, and she would be at work by 7:20. She worked full time as Physical Therapist which can be a very demanding job, especially when understaffed and around the holidays. My mom would pick my brother and me up from daycare at 5, and would have dinner on the table by 6:00, and we would be in bed by 8:00. My mom never stopped running around, she made single parenting look

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