The Importance Of My Life

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When people ask what I want to do with my future, I notice myself jumping to the thought of making my mother proud. Growing up, my mom had always taught me to be kind, have courage and conquer the world. Growing up, I was bullied. I was discriminated against because of my appearance, I was underestimated because I was quiet; I was hidden in the shadow of others.
It wasn’t until when I was 9. My mom was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis. Prior to the surgery, the surgeon warned my mom that the success rate will only be 10% due to the surgery procedure being so close to the brain nerves, a paralysis or death may occur. It was that moment,I knew how much value a life really have. Everyone is given one life, while some live a fortunate and
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I want people to careless about one’s race and culture, and simply stop judging other people based on what they look like or where they came from. Every life is equally valuable, every life is unique and every life is a story to be read and told to the next generation. I want to help each and every life as early as possible. Kids are innocent. They are brought to this world without even knowing they are here. Many infants are born with diseases and illnesses out of their control. It requires doctors to save their life so they can too write and share their story for the next generation to come. Think about it. You are here, reading my essay, but have you thought about what it would be like if you weren 't even here? How much value would you place on your life? Now put yourself in another person’s shoes, would that value stay the same? It should. Everyone is equally …show more content…
It is not our skill in which we are criticized, it is who we are and what we look like that inputs criticisms upon the skills and knowledge we obtained. I want to change person’s perception. This can start with simply asking people to put themselves in another’s position. For example, medical schools were previously criticized for not allowing acceptances for minorities. However, some students that are more qualified in their volunteer work and academics are being declined because they are a minority. A change I want to proposed is to offer a blind interview. In this interview setting, the applicant may have to opportunity to be covered of what they look like and be interviewed upon what truly matters, the work the have done for their community and their academics. Interviewers may no longer criticize one’s look and culture, affecting their final decision upon acceptance. One’s perception of other effects not only the current situation, but many rely on that one opportunity to live their life, their future, their career. It is difficult to pursue this change, many people are taught for many years to carry a certain perspective of the world and now asking them to change their “morals” is difficult. I am not saying one’s “morals” are incorrect, but when a different perspective is proposed, they may see the better light for a change. I know

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