Personal Narrative: My Vacation In Yosemite California

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This vacation was something to look forward too. I felt this vacation was worth remembering because of the good time my family and I had there. The trees, mountains, terrain, animals were worth remembering as well. This place was ,Yosemite California being here was different because I wasn't surrounded by the racket of the city.

As my family and I drove up that bumpy ,curvy road up the mountain to arrive to our cabin I looked out of the car window and admired the view of the wildlife. My parents and my sister stuck in a car for hours and my godfather and my cousins ahead of us. I just wanted to arrive to our cabin to see my other family who arrived a day before us. Hour after hour we were getting closer and I saw the huge mountains that I have never seen before I also saw numerous
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We had such a good time , I really got good at billiard they were all surprised. After that our whole family sat in the living room and watched Moana that moment was also really heart warming because we were all bonding together. The next day we woke up at 6am and drove to another landmark that was a hike but not as bad as the other. There was a waterfall there and my godfather convinced me to climb up to it. My family wasn't happy with us for doing that because it was dangerous. Doing that I learned to try new stuff. When we got to the top we swam in the waterfall and it was really cold because it was melted ice. We walked farther up to Mirror Lake and there we swam and my whole body was stinging because of how cold the water was. Going back home, we stopped at a Market and we ate there and there was lots of tourists. I asked my cousin if we buy marshmallows so we can make smores but he said no because we can't start fires here. When we got home, we played billiards as always and during the game we saw a deer right next to our cabin and we went outside to get a better view.

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