What Does Moving Mean To You Essay

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I think a lot. I think about the way my legs move as i'm walking. I think about how i'm able to pretend i'm friends with every customer i talk to at work. I think about why I want the things in life i want.
I think about what the point of anything is, if in the end we all die. I think about what would happen if I got hit by a car and died tomorrow. I think about what would the difference in the world would be without me.
I think about the people around me, their goals, their troubles, their opinions, their family, their childhood. I think about my future. I think about other people's future. I think about my kids.
I think about my life with my family in 5 years. I think about my life with my family in 50 years. I think about how the people
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Unfeeling and distant from everyone who was close to me. I was never disappointed because I didn't expect anyone to ever come though. My dad had left me before I could talk.
The girl I married on the playground in third grade left me and everyone in her life last december. This spring I made a terrible mistake and every teacher I had ever looked up to now hated me with more passion than I've seen before
When I went back to ask for my job after basketball I didn't even get it back. They didn't want me there anymore. Speaking of basketball, the sport I practiced with full intensity for 4 months of my year that paid off in the form of four minutes of game time. I saw my coach at the Y last weekend and he didn't even acknowledge my existance. Everywhere it seems theres someone I've disappointed or been left by. It's left me unable to be close to even my best friends. I don't think I've seen Thor more than 5 times since school started, and I'm dead certain I haven't seen any of my other friends since then. My mom is at the point where she can't even stand to be around me anymore, and my step-dad and I were never close to each other. My grandparents are as big a part of my life as my parents are - and after being brought home by the cops they can't even look me in the

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