How To Write A Personal Narrative Essay

My childhood was not easy; it consisted of struggling through a broken home. As a young child I dealt with a drug addicted mother and a life filled with poverty in Oakland, California. My mother was addicted to crack cocaine, and could never keep a steady job due to her addiction. There were times in our lives where my brother and I went without food, water, or electricity. My father and mother divorced when I was still a toddler, and he was rarely present and provided no financial support. During this time I was surrounded by people in my life who told me I would mature to be the woman my mother was. I instead, made the decision to become more than a product of my environment; I refused to become a statistic. At first I managed to cope with the pain of living in the neighborhood “party” house by burying myself in my studies, and escaping with friends at night, to get some version of peace. After a while, the trouble and stress from my living conditions caught up with me and I fell into a terrible cycle of drinking alcohol on a regular basis. I can distinctly remember going to middle school with a hangover on multiple occasions. During this period my mother was …show more content…
I want to assist children that have experienced some of the same life situations that I was subjected to as a child. I am not bitter from the pain, and disarray that I grew up with, I feel my struggles have created resilience only life experience can offer. I have had the benefit of changing my course in life and making it out of poverty. My life experience will allow me to assist others who are underserved with similar occurrence, and to provide them with educational, and life understanding guidance. My own personal experiences with these hardships in life have given me the strong desire to pursue my passion in assisting the youth who is faced with drug addiction, poverty, and generational

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