Edwidge Danticat And Junot Diaz: A Critical Analysis

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Edwidge Danticat, Julia Alvarez and Junot Diaz are great writers that have guided me. They allowed me to relate my history to the worlds History. It’s their work that helped shape who I am today. They made me continue my education and hope to someday educate others as well. I learned about Rigoberta Menchu a K 'iche ' native who stood up for her rights and others in Guatemala. She became the voice for indigenous Guatemalans against the awful corporations that invaded her land. Also I learned about American History between 1960s-1970s and learned about the struggle of black Americans here in the states through one of my favorite books “Assata Shakur". All of these authors were introduces to me by my teachers during junior year in High school. …show more content…
The solution is beyond simple. That thought was circling in my mind, when I was interviewing my partners’ parents about the “Forced Bussing” in 1974. I remember asking them what did they think of school, and his father said “I knew I wanted to work with my hands”. Some people are desk people and some people are just born to work with their hands. They have a natural talent. I also asked his mother the same questioned and she told me “I never loved school, and I knew school wasn’t for me”, “I couldn 't get out of there fast enough”. Both of his parents only have high school diplomas. They recently paid off their first home and bought a second home in a closed community in Wells, Maine. They can rent that place for 200 dollars a night. His father is 1/5 owner of 900 acres of land in Northeast Maine. What I am trying to get across is, I had plenty of conversation with both of his parents and they are as average as you can imagine. They only have their high school diploma. But both own their own business in the border of Dedham and Hyde Park. His father owns a sheet metal shop, which he has his license in. And his lovely mother has her hair dresser license has her own shop and rents chairs to others. These people got debt free, with only a high school diploma. If they want they can get at least two vacation a year. The point I am getting across is that not everyone wants to go to college. I remember in high school they told us we all should go to College. What about those kids who did not want to go? You save your jails for them? No, you offer them a trade school. By sophomore year in high school kids know what they want to do or they have an idea. I think schools should give them the option to either go to trade school and work with their hands or further their education and go to college. The median wage for a sheet metal worker is 20 dollars an hour. Those jobs are lacking diversity and all you really need is

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