The Importance Of Multitasking Are Detrimental On Students Absorbing Material

1716 Words Jan 27th, 2015 null Page
During my stay at Brock University, I had the opportunity to meet a large variety of professors and educators each approaching teaching in different unique ways. Many seek unity in terms of what is best for a student 's learning experiences resulting in many professors debating over the most efficient and effective method. Some professors prefer to stay with using limited amounts of technologies and sticking with traditional methods of testing such as exams and essays . Others feel that using technology in their curriculum such as digital textbooks, online databases and clickers allows for more diverse options to grade their students, while shying away from formal testing. Students also use a variety of digital tools such as laptops, smart phones and recently tablets to record notes during formal lectures. The use of technology has received a lot of resistance in terms of use by the professors and their students. Many argue that studies have proven that multitasking are detrimental to students absorbing material (Sana et al, 2013,Reynol & Cotten 2012.)Though this is true, and shouldn 't be understated, a surprising amount of professors simply don’t want to be educated on how to use these new technologies or want to understand the benefits it provides for their students. I feel it’s pushing them outside of their comfort zone more than anything. Professors tend to view their students as passive audiences, simply consuming material rather than being active and critiquing,…

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