The Importance Of Motivating A Good Manager

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Management is not as simple as just being a manager. It takes many aspects working simultaneously to be a great or even good manager. A good manager is someone who is constantly looking for better ways to improve things such as time management, communication skills, and leadership skills. For a company there is nothing more vital to the stability of operations like a good manager. We were assigned to interview a manager of our choice, for me that choice was easy. I choose my uncle Steven G. Foster. Steven has two intertwining aspects to his profession. He has been the head manager at Circle-R-Ranch in Dallas, Texas since the early 1990’s; recently he has branched out to the realm of constructing leadership training for major corporations …show more content…
Motivating the people you manage is a skill that is learned and crated by your own experiences. The ability to manage people is an attribute that if found in the right manager and organization is immensely valuable and can lead to unlimited potential. Managers are a huge example to employees of the right and wrong ways to go about certain situations and business practices. If employees see their manager slacking off on cutting corners then that may to show to them that it is okay for them to do the same. The combination of managers and employees taking a lax approach to these situations can lead to disaster if not corrected. Becoming that manager that people not only have to follow, but want to follow is a delicate balance. They can’t be too much of one thing and then not enough of another; it’s got to be a situation of adapting your approach to achieve maximum results from your team. I believe my manager is an excellent example of this. Earlier I mentioned I have seen firsthand my manager in action. On trips to my uncle’s house I have been to the ranch during events previous to the World Series party, and the feedback from employees was unbelievable every time I went. The employees voluntarily were voicing their opinions as to how much they adored Steven, and even making comments to each other about making sure all the jobs including the insignificant ones were finished. I believe that was a testament of what leading and motivating by your actions can accomplish. Even when theses employees thought no one could hear them they were following by Stevens’ example and doing things because that’s what their manager wanted and they didn’t want to disappoint

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