The Importance Of Mobile Applications In Education

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“In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything,” once said by Matt Galligan, co founder of Circia. Mobile applications have been around for quite some time now. They are disliked by some and enjoyed by others; however, applications are a tremendous influence on today 's generation. Although many Americans do not recognize, applications have had a significant impact in fitness and health, in teenagers, and in education. Applications are a significant influence in today 's society. Applications play an essential role in fitness and in health. Apps have put a large impact on the enjoyment in a physical activity classroom. Not only have mobile apps in the classroom enhance student physical activity, but it seems to be enhancing …show more content…
Teachers are becoming so used to using devices it would be no problem to use them in the classroom. “We really hope the apps can be used to enhance instruction and not just replicate what you would do with print and paper,” as said by Jason Tomassini. Teachers are now using more apps in the classrooms, and they say that it has significantly helped their students. Second grade teacher, Karen Nelson uses an app in her classroom called Write About This which allows the students to write their own stories. This app allows Karen to tell how her students are writing and how the students are interpreting stories of their own age. Sixth grade teacher, Karen Guyton uses another great app in her classroom called Too Noisy. It allows her to manage the noise in her classroom and she can spend less time telling the students to be quite and more time teaching. High School teacher, Seth Taylor uses Google Classroom which allows students to work online. Taylor says it makes his life easier because Google Classroom can grade papers automatically. It can allows allow teachers to check up on their students and it also allows students to turn in their assignment online rather than them forgetting to turn in their assignments. Taylor said that technology is especially helpful by giving him more time to focus on instruction (Gaddy). Google Translate is also another great app that can allow students to learn languages. Ashley Birman, a twelfth grader from South Lakes High School in Virginia said, “Apps are a great way to appeal of what the real world is like, it gets you ready for careers in the future.” Teachers also say if apps are used in the most appropriate way they can highly enhance their classrooms. Mobile applications are enhancing many classrooms by giving them the ability to do things on their own and to work together online (Ferlazzo). “I think that students are taking more responsibility for their own learning, and

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