The Importance Of Mental Goals In Sports

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I have had more successes in life by keeping it simple. Complex plans require detailed attention, excess preparation, multiple contingencies, and often are unsuccessful unless the flow is constantly positive with every piece of the puzzle fitting perfectly within a dynamic and changeable environment. Although many tried while flying a fast moving jet, to include myself, I rarely saw complex plans succeed. From my experience watching as a spectator and analyzing the human factors in sports, it seems to me that keeping it simple was the secret for success for many coaches and teams, too. Assumptions: before any mental plan will work, I first need to ensure the following have been accomplished.
1. Knowledge of the technical and tactical skills for this sport have to be second nature with experience and credibility. Through self-awareness and analysis, I’d further my own
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I have to know my players individually with strong and sound interpersonal relationships built on trust. Because of this relationship, I have an open door to all my athletes to discuss any topic to include how to start a conversation about mental plans. Regarding how to start one with an athlete to discuss mental plans, I would announce to my team in person that I would be working individually with each player to create “game plans” and strategies on how to increase performance. I would give them an assignment to think of 3 short term and 3 long term goals for the year as the foundation for their individual meetings. Then, I would schedule a time with each player to discuss the development of a mental plan for preparation, performance, and recovery. Note: I think the word mental and/or psychology could trigger a negative in one’s mind regarding mental training skills and tools. Maybe I would rename the term “mental plans” to “leadership plans” or “leadership training tools and skills” in order to implement without pushback from the athletes or their parents, if they were

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