The Importance Of Managing Time

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Coming into college is very stressful for all incoming Freshman. We all worry about what we are going to wear, who we are going to hang-out with, or how we are going to make it through a long four years. With all of this going through their minds, it is hard to keep organized when all we want to do after classes is sleep and eat. One of the most beneficial topics, in my opinion, in USC class is the ability to manage time. Managing time seems to be a very easy idea, however, it seems to be much harder when physically faced with different choices to plan out ones day. Throughout, my entire life, I have been through numerous activities and sessions that provide information on how to attack life and the best strategies to ease our way through school and they were …show more content…
However, as a new chapter in my life has begun within a whole new realm, I was in need of guidance to point me in the right direction. As something I have always struggled with, the importance of time management has always been pushed to the backburner in my lists of priorities. This seems to go hand-in-hand with my tendency to procrastinate on

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