Benefits Of Time Management

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Time Management: How to be more productive
Time management, what is it and why is so important? Time management is the ability to control and plan how a person will spend the hours in a day to effectively accomplish goals. In today’s fast passes world time management is essential for any person to have. Wither it be a teacher, student, employee or employer being able to manage you time is very useful and can make a task or job less stressful with good time management skills. Knowing to root of your time management issues can be the biggest help in correction the situation. For some people poor time management might come from procrastination or poor self-control.
When deal with time management there are two different types of time. Clock
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After a week of recording those actions, you should be able to see patterns and trends wither you time was spent wisely or poorly. Another way to practice good time management skills is schedule time with yourself. I know this sounds strange but take some time and write down a to-do list and then try to break to tasks down into time block that you can manage. Make your schedule reasonable and don’t try to do more than you can. If you schedule right you should hardly ever have to break those appointments in your set time blocks. Try to spend at least 50 percent of your time in actions, thoughts and conversations that will produce results. Also, schedule interruptions in your day. You will need to pull away from a bit wither it be for a restroom break, lunch break or just need to take a break and stop for a bit. Take time at the beginning of each day to try and plan your day in a time frame that is doable. A big distraction and time waster is non work actions and conversations like Facebook, Twitter, calls and text. Try and block those distractions by either truing of the notifications while working or putting you cell phone away from where you can see it. Fallow the saying out of sight, out of …show more content…
Most people have been there a time or two and we hate ourselves when we do that. The best thing to do is just bite the bullet and get to it, procrastinating is not going to make it easier. Another important tip in time management is to manage emails and phone calls. Not all phone calls need to be answered immediately though some may if you are expecting a specific call and not all emails have to be replied to the instant they come in. You can lose focus when connately checking emails and trying to answer every call. The best way to deal with is to schedule yourself a little break from your current project to check messages and then respond to most urgent messages and at a later scheduled time the other messages. Being organized and having a filling system is a huge time saver. Through trial and error you will find the best method for you to keep track of papers and information. Delegation is an important thing as well. It is ok to ask for help when you fell someone else would be best qualified for the task or you can’t do everything yourself. Knowing your limits is very important and it is ok to say NO. Time management is all about how to delegate your time best and sometimes an answer is going to have to be “I am sorry but I just do not have time to perform the task to the highest

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