The Importance Of Managing A Conflict Climate

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In general, in most cases, some conflicts can be handled by using conflict management techniques to better control the situation. Therefore, as a supervisor, we must learn to have a better understanding of managing a conflict climate in which will create a mutually satisfying outcomes. In short, we leaders must recognized our superiority and influence we have over our employees and that we do not to turn that authority into power abuse. For the most part, supervisors and subordinates will not always agree in a specific task or the subordinates job performances, but t if we learned some ways in managing the conflict climate we should be able to reach a reasonable agreeable decision, in which both sides are satisfied with the outcome. Working in a harmful climate! In general, most overall goal is to make a profit or in the military …show more content…
For the most part, I had a trust issue with some of my junior personnel by their actions and the way they communicated. Therefore, I believe some of the junior personnel was not being honest and I had a hard time trusting the individuals (Cahn & Abigail, 2014, p. 135). In fact, I learned by reading the text that, I had a distrust in them because I lacked the confidence in some of them in understanding the magnitude of this operation and the consequences that was at state if we didn’t pass this exercise. In contrast, I had to learned to trust them and they had to trust me in order to pass this exercise and I had to explain to them by passing this exercise would benefit us both. So, I put my pride to the side and I learned to trust them and that I had their best interests and not my own interest in which would be describe as mixed motion situation (Cahn & Abigail, 2014, p.

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