Essay on The Importance Of Listening And Effective Communication

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What is listening
A major part of communication is not only being able to clearly share ideas, but also to clearly receive the shared idea. By listening, one can obtain said information, interpret, and answer back. Managers need excellent listening skills to help with effective communication. Without the ability to listen effectively, ideas and thoughts are easily misunderstood, and the whole system breaks down. Unlike hearing, listening requires focus rather than just hearing sounds. In addition, listening requires paying attention to not only what is said, but also to how it is being said, as well as non-verbal messages.
Active listening Active listening is the key to effective communication because it encompasses hearing the message and also understanding the meaning. Active listening includes paying attention to the person speaking, staying focused, acknowledging the message, and suspending judgment. Keeping eye contact and giving undivided attention to the speaker shows that one is paying attention and staying focused. By nodding one’s head in agreement or giving verbal cues acknowledges the message and also shows engagement in the conversation; nodding also encourages the speaker to continue speaking. Body language is important in active listening because it gives immediate feedback to the sender about how one is receiving the message. Lastly, suspending judgement allows the speaker to finish all their points. Interrupting is rude and reduces the…

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